27 June 2015

Celebrating a good year!

Last week, in honor of Father's Day, and to mark our 10 year wedding anniversary next month, we made an appointment for portraits at the studio of Alban Negollari, a professional photographer here in Durres.

...I'll just let the pictures speak for themselves.

15 March 2015

Where in the world...?

After more than six years in Armenia, the Blackmer family has found a new home...for now! Can you guess where we are? Here are some hints.

It's a place where we can watch the sun set over the sea...

This seawall runs along a promenade a 3-minute walk from home.

...where the adhān echoes over the rooftops...

The view from our window.

...where the pastries are oh, so sweet...

...and fresh produce is available year-round, adding delicious color to dreary winter days...

...where brutal combat was the ancient form of entertainment...

This Roman amphitheater is across the street from our building.

...but where today the people smile and welcome you graciously!

Rada, left, and Ana, right, care for baby Amira in the nursery while Mommy and Daddy work.