24 October 2014

Two Months Old

Our little girl is two months old! Even though it was a regular weekday at home, I decided to dress Amira up in a nice outfit (before she outgrows it) and shoot a few portraits to mark this special day. Unlike the sleeping pictures I used in the birth story/one-month post (yellow dress), she was mostly awake for these photos, and her personality really came through. I think I'll have to get one of these framed -- if it's possible to pick just one!

Later, she and I were playing, and she was in a pretty good mood, so I thought I might as well start recording. Here's what we got -- please excuse my baby-talk voice!

(And in case you're wondering how I got that little bow to stay put: hair gel.)

The boys are on fall break next week, so I'm hoping we can all spend a lot of time together, go downtown -- or out of town -- and enjoy the great weather.  Maybe we'll even try for family portraits!

Until next time...

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Grandma Shell said...

She is extra special! Thank you for giving us a beautiful smiling granddaughter!