07 June 2012

Southern Armenia, take two!

A couple weeks ago, we took Jarred's parents for a weekend excursion to popular sites in the Vayots Dzor and Syunik regions.  It was a nice opportunity to one-up our first trip back in early April 2011, which was cold, rainy, and overall, a rather bleak experience.  Well, this time around couldn't have been better -- not only was the weather unbeatable, but we had Jack and Michele along for the fun!  Since I already wrote about most of these places in last spring's post, I'll just share my favorite pictures from this trip with a few brief comments.  (Thanks to Jack for some of the photos.)

Third time's a charm: on our third visit to Khor Virap, we could finally see Mount Ararat!

 Another unforgettable stay at Gohar's Guesthouse in Yeghegnadzor

I find this picture, taken at Tanahati Vank, particularly striking because it's MICHELE IN ARMENIA!

Answering the call of Nature

Kotrats Caravanseray -- not filled with snow!

Karahunj on a clear, windy day

Bold explorers of Tatev

St. Gregory Church of Goris, scarred by an Azeri artillery shell

A 13th-Century bridge spanning the Arpa River... last time we could only gaze upon it from a distance.

Blue skies, red cliffs, and the glory of Noravank.

A happy ending!

What a wonderful time Nathan had with his grandparents, and what fun we all had together!  Late May-early June really is the very best time to tour around Armenia -- after the spring rains, but before the oppressive heat of summer, clear skies and the whole country in bloom.

I'll soon post all the best photos from the trip on Photobucket and will add the link here.  I'm also considering making a separate post about some interesting flora and fauna we observed during this trip.

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