01 March 2012


This week Nathan's class learned a little bit about pets and how we care for them.  Each day, he brought home projects and classwork about pets, including a paper bag puppet he had decorated to look like our cat Mabel, a cat mask, a picture of a guinea pig he colored to look like our little Poncha, and surprisingly today, a drawing of our pet snake, Checkers.  At first I didn't understand what the drawing was, so he explained, "It's Checkers.  Those are the rocks in his cage, and this is his water, and that's a mouse, and Checkers is killing the mouse."

In case you can't identify the mouse, here's a close-up.  Checkers is drawn as a simple, curling line.

Keeping pets really is an educational experience for everyone.  Pictured below is Checkers, our corn snake.