10 October 2011


Our day with friends at Amberd Fortress on the slopes of Mt. Aragats was clear, tranquil, and memorable!

View of the 7th Centruy fortress and nearby 11th Century Vahramashen Church, with Mt. Ararat barely visible in the background (right side). 
Picnic time!

I believe this is an Armenian rock lizard climbing on the church wall.  It is a parthenogenic species, meaning there are only females, and that individuals reproduce entirely asexually -- no fertilization required for development of embryos.  Amazing! 

I told Nathan we were going to see a castle, but he was somewhat disappointed that it was "destroyed."

Beginning the perilous ascent...

It was funny hearing Armenian visitors singing "We Are the Champions" upon reaching the top.

The thrill of conquest -- what a rush!

At this time of year, the rivers in this area are nearly dry.

My favorite photo taken by Diane (pictured below), our colleague, friend, and fellow adventurer.

No country road trip is complete without a herd of livestock blocking our path!

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Great photos!:)