02 September 2011

Back to School

It's a new school year, and we're all back to business full-time. It's also a new month, and our little beanpole has finally sprouted to 100 centimeters, which is the last mark on the growth chart on his door!

Now that he's in school for the second time around, and in the 4-year-old section of his class, Nathan really feels like a big boy. He loves seeing his friends every day after having been away from them all summer, and he's having minimal trouble readjusting to the routine: up at 6:45, home at 5:00 (unless we go to the gym -- then we get home at 7:00 -- a very long day!), and to bed at 8:30. He brushes his own teeth, dresses himself (mostly), and eagerly buckles himself into his car seat each morning. Actually, he insists on doing just about everything himself...sometimes it's not a good thing!

We're hoping to see some progress in terms of socialization in the coming months because academically, he is ready for the 5 year-old class, and if he can prove himself behaviorally, we might request that he be tested for promotion later in the year. We certainly don't want to put any pressure on him, but he has mastered the majority of the 3-4 year-old curriculum, and are afraid he might not feel as challenged as he did last year, which could lead to more discipline issues if he's losing interest in his lessons.

Jarred and I are off to a pretty good start with our classes, too, and we've enjoyed working with the new school director so far. The new 6 year-old class teacher was given an apartment in our building, and we're glad to have a new friend and neighbor. Lucky for her, she speaks Russian fluently, and has had no trouble adjusting to life in Yerevan.

The weather has been gorgeous lately as summer is coming to a close. Cool, fresh mornings give way to clear, blue skies and golden sunshine, followed by balmy, breezy nights. The harvest season is in full swing, and markets are bursting with the fragrance of ripe figs, peaches, tomatoes, apples, grapes, and berries. The vivid colors of late summer blooms paint our school entryway, roadside gardens, and private homes with unabashed brilliance. Now would be the perfect time for you to come visit us in Armenia!

Morning recess on the school playground -- can you spot Nathan?

After the first full week back to school, Nathan and Mabel just want to hang out at home.

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