25 October 2010

Autumn Leaves

On Sunday, October 24, we joined some friends and CouchSurfers for a day trip to Tsakhkadzor to breathe the cool mountain weather and admire the autumn foliage. Our party filled a small bus at Raykom station, and within an hour, we arrived at the medieval Kecharis Monastery complex.

Some beautifully preserved khachkars in a courtyard

After some touristy picture-taking, we began walking up a small road to reach the ski lifts (here known as a "rope-way"), and rode to the top of the mountain. Despite the on-and-off rain, the fall colors were spectacular!

Eureka! We've struck gold!

Lots of friends, new and old! Jarred and Nathan didn't make it into this shot because they were back in the woods answering the call of nature. I'm not in it because I was behind the camera!

Nathan meets "Swiper the Fox" and other woodland creatures -- don't worry; they're stuffed!

Riding down the lifts, we had an incredible view of Lake Sevan and the surrounding landscape. Our group walked into the town and took a late afternoon repast at Jazzve cafe. Finally, we piled back into the bus for the ride home to Yerevan.

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22 October 2010

3-4 year-old class Halloween Party

Nathan's teachers decided to have a small Halloween party for the students on the last day before Fall Break. Since I'm there at the school and don't teach any of my own classes during the period they were planning the party, I offered to read a "spooky" story and teamed up with all the parents to provide snacks and drinks. Here are pictures of our successful event!

As you can see, the children really enjoyed themselves. In case you're wondering, the book I read was Say Boo! by Lynda Graham-Barber; it's about a cute little ghost named Ben who has trouble learning to say "Boo!"

And here's Nathan with his very own scarecrow...