28 July 2010

Paris through the eyes of a child

We're back from our long-awaited (and over much too quickly) trip to Paris! So as not to exhaust ourselves, we took it slow and easy, and since we were there a full week, we still managed to see and do quite a lot.

Rather than show off a lot of cliche family photos in front of the Eiffel Tower, I'll use this post to share the side of Paris we saw only because of Nathan... no, I'm not talking about the children's hospital where he had his annual cardiology exam (which went very well, all good news)... I'm talking about the lesser-known, kid-friendly side of the city that most tourists never see or read about. It was these -- the unexpected moments in Paris -- that we will cherish in our memories forever!

Splashing in the fountain in a roundabout off Rue Monge
A cute little playground behind the Parish of St. Medard
Airplane-spotting with un petit garçon français
At the ancient Roman amphitheater of Lutece
Another playground, this one at the church of Saint-Séverin
A gargoyle with 'nummies' (that's Nathan-speak for 'breasts')
An elaborate "N" on the exterior of the Louvre palace
Paris as seen from the ferris wheel in the Tuillerie Gardens

Driving without a permit

At a sidewalk cafe, enjoying a Nutella panini
Playground number three, this one behind Les Invalides

Kicking leaves along the Seine

Learning how things work in the the Cité des Enfants at the Cité des Sciences et de l'Industrie


The geode outside the Science Center
Nathan's thoughts on Versailles: the gardens are better than the palace because you can run around, and "The trees are silly because they have funny shapes!"

Visiting Quasimodo and friends...
...in the bell tower...

...and on the roof of Notre Dame Cathedral

Watching Disney's The Hunchback of Notre Dame in bed
Only a child could find a souvenir Eiffel Tower even more fascinating than the real thing
Yet another playground (we visited seven in total)

The snack of choice for a hungry toddler weary of strolling the Champs-Élysées: a scoop of Häagen-Dazs cookies and cream, on a white chocolate-macadamia nut cookie, served with rich hot chocolate

Cars, cars, and more cars!

The best part of Monmartre is riding the Funiculaire

To see all our Paris photos, including the more conventional ones, visit the July Photobucket album -- yes, I know I've been a total slacker on the Photobucket albums this year, but I'm trying to get back on top of things. Expect new links soon. Also, the above Paris videos and others are available on our YouTube channel. Finally, you'll notice that at the bottom of each post there are now some handy little share buttons for Twitter, Facebook, Buzz, etc. Click away, dear readers, and spread the love!

One final photo for your viewing pleasure...my personal favorite, even though Nathan is not looking at the camera:

Aah, Versailles


Mercedes said...

Beautifully written pictorial diary of your trip to Paris. Glad you took it slow and relaxed, looks like you all learned new things too. Love your fav family photo - agree! And yes, Nathan, trees in Paris are sure shaped funny :-) Love you all, miss you, Minay

Anonymous said...

We enjoyed all the photos & videos; looks like you all had a great time. Nice to see more natural pics instead of staged. Want to know about the spoon N. was using for his ice-cream; couldn't they find a LONGER spoon? Quite a challenge eating with that one! LOVE TO ALL, Granma Shell & Grdp Jack