28 June 2010


First of all, if you've never heard of the Free Hugs Campaign, visit FreeHugsCampaign.org.

Last night the Blackmer family met up with friends and fellow Couchsurfers in Republic Square for the first-ever Free Hugs event in Yerevan. Representing India, Syria, Poland, Iran, the U.S., and of course, Armenia, we spread some much-needed love to young and old, locals and tourists, and even recruited a few participants to our campaign. Although the police were bound by duty to question our motives, once they understood we were doing nothing more than promoting our message of peace and friendship, they were smiling at us (though they didn't hug us)!

It's yet another reminder that there is good all around us in the world... we only have to open our eyes, our minds, and our hearts.

MORE PHOTOS (sent to me by friends after the event)

02 June 2010

At long last, labels

Wow, only 12 days of school left! That means we're busy, busy, busy with end-of-year events like math day, field day, international day, book fair, spring concert, and graduation; then there's yearbook, exams, catch-up work, and final grades; plus we're packing up everything in preparation for our move to the new school building in August. So I haven't updated the blog recently other than to add labels to all our posts about Armenia (no family- or Nathan-related labels yet). This new feature will be very helpful for those looking for an older post...especially if you remember what it was about, but not when it was written...if it's the other way around, search the archives!

If you're looking for information on specific activities or places in Armenia, check out the nifty "label sphere" feature on the right side of the page. Click on a label that interests you and you will be redirected to a page that shows all our posts on that particular subject.

All this labeling is still in progress, so be patient as I work to perfect the system. For now, the only city label is 'Yerevan'; everywhere else is labeled by region. So if you want to see what we have to say about Vanadzor, for example, click on the 'Lori Region' label. If you don't know the region (marz) for the city/village/monastery/fortress/museum you want, you'll have to find out from Armeniapedia.org or elsewhere until I've got time to add more specific labels. Meanwhile, feel free to ask questions, leave comments, or request to follow me on Twitter!