05 April 2010

Spring Break in pictures

What did we do during spring break?

Easter Sunday

It rained all day, but Nathan enjoyed egg-citing indoor activities.


A beautiful day to enjoy the city! We spent the morning in Republic Square, bought Nathan new shoes, and went swimming at Gold's Gym.


Nathan came down with a cold, so we had to scratch our picnic plans. Instead, we had an imaginary tea party in the living room, and watched Disney's Aladdin.


Nathan's fever went down, so we spent a little time outdoors.


We enjoyed sushi and green tea ice cream with friends at Samurai.


Since we were off work, we were able to host this week's playgroup at our place. Five toddler boys - what fun!


Nathan braved the dentist's chair for a cleaning and more fillings for his geminated teeth. He didn't shed a single tear!


Jarred and Nathan baked M&M cookies, and Maria and I participated in Yerevan's night life. We first visited the Opera Club, a discotheque in the basement of the city Opera House...but being that it was only about 9:15, the place was empty, aside from a few lovers in the lounge area. We killed some time by walking around town, indulging in one macaron each from Cafe la Bohème, then sharing a plate of nachos at Taco Maco (a new Mexican fast food joint that has been very well-received by locals and foreigners alike). After 10, we made our way to Kami Club, behind the Moscow Cinema on Abovyan. We definitely burned off our high-calorie snacks, as we were the first ones on the dance floor, and among the last to leave. No photos, unfortunately...but we'll be back for sure!


Another cold, rainy day to bookend this restful and rejuvenating spring break.


New videos are up on our YouTube channel, Our Life in Motion.

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