03 April 2010

Karin Folk Performers and Cafe la Bohème

This morning, Mary Ann and I attended the 2010 Women's Expo at the Yerevan Marriott Hotel. It was great to relax and browse the tables of beautiful merchandise local merchants and artisans had on display. But even more than the splendid batik scarves, Murano glass jewelry, decadent Easter cakes, and other hand-crafted goods and souvenirs, we were impressed by the music and dancing of the Karin Folk Performers. As with the Christmas show our family witnessed at Nork Orphanage back in December, I was amazed by the level of talent and discipline demonstrated by these very young Armenian children. I managed to record two of their dances for your entertainment here...enjoy!

For dinner, Nathan, Jarred, and I went out to Cafe la Bohème, a charming French-inspired bistro that just opened last year, and I believe has the same owner as Gusto, a great little pizzeria on Abovyan Street. Nathan was well-behaved, and ordered a carrot soup, though he seemed to enjoy the croutons and my Greek salad more!

The place has an air of casual elegance, and most if not all items on their extensive menu are very affordable. Fresh ingredients, home-style cooking, and simple presentation of generous portions left us feeling comforted and satisfied. Conveniently, our server spoke English, and the cafe's location right by the Cascade can't be beat. However, the number one reason to visit is to sample their Parisian macarons - but I'll let Arpine Grigoryan tell you more about that!

Here's a photo I took of the Easter display in the cafe's front window:

For information on the way many Armenians observe Easter and Lent, visit the web site of The Armenian Church in the USA. Shnor-havor dzer Zateekə - Happy Easter!

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