11 February 2010

I guess there are worse places to spend a week

I will continually update this post with photos from our 'emergency' trip to Munich, Germany.

Vienna, 9:00 AM: Enjoying a cognac in the business class lounge.

The Alps as seen from our plane

Highly ornamental crown moulding in our room at the Hotel Mariandl

A neat building across the street from our hotel Consulting with Dr. Grothe on Wednesday at the Munich University Hospital

The neo-Gothic Neues Rathaus in Marienplatz
The views from the top...

Lunch at the popular Hofbräuhaus. We actually left a 0.5L of Hofbräu Dunkel on the table...we tried it, honestly...we just don't like beer! Now, the oven-baked pretzels and sweet mustard - THOSE were lecker!

At the Sea Life aquarium in Munich's Olympic Park

Saturday, 7:30 AM: Checking in

8:00 AM: Let's do this thing

3 hours later, in recovery

Every day as I walk from the hotel to visit Jarred at the hospital, I pass the beautiful Church of St. Paul, which sits at the west end of Landwehrstraße.

Nothing says "Happy Valentine's Day" like undressing...your bandages...

...followed by a relaxing massage...from your physical therapist!

You think the iPad was poorly named? Check out the hospital's hand sanitizer - that must be some potent saliva!

Everyone was so happy when Jarred was released from the hospital on Tuesday, they threw a huge street party in the center of town! Just kidding...this festival marks the end of Fasching, a sort of German carnival season that precedes Lent - it's Munich's version of Mardi Gras!

Pretzel obsession!

One last photo before heading to the airport

A special seat on the plane - it folds down so Jarred can keep his leg extended throughout the flight.

Back home now (Friday, February 19), Jarred continues to do his leg exercises and will be able to start swimming in 5-6 weeks. By July, he should be back to his normal level of activity.

We are so glad to be home with Nathan again, and we will both return to work this Monday. To see a few more videos from our trip, including some video of the surgery, visit our YouTube page. Thanks to everyone for their prayers and kind words of support!


Natalie Cutting said...

Wow! what an experience I'm sure! I am so glad Jarred is doing well after his surgery and all has seemed to go well. Beautiful pictures by the way!!! Amazing!

Anonymous said...

Always interesting to read about adventures....glad Jarred is on the mend and you got to visit Munich which was a plus! Didn't know that planes had special seats for special passengers! Loved all your photos and you look so chic in your white coat! Can only imagine your reunion with Nathan! Love you guys, Tita Detsi