06 January 2010

New Year's Celebrations

The Blackmer family spent a quiet New Year's eve at home, enjoying other people's fireworks from our balcony. In the days following, we ate, drank, and made merry at the homes of various friends. A week later, I'm still full, Jarred is still reeling from homemade vodka and cherry liqueur, and Nathan is still on an insane sugar high. By now, most new year's celebrations have come to an end, and just about everyone, including Jarred and me, will be back to school and work on Monday the 11th.

Here are a few photos taken at a New Year's gathering at the home of our nanny Mane (mah-neh) and her family.

Mane and Nathan

Another incident in which a serving dish must be placed atop the fruit bowl due to lack of space on the table. And yes, that is Maria in the background - she is a friend of Mane's sister, Nune (noo-neh), on the right.

Lovely desserts made by Mane

Jarred played several rather comical games of nardi (that's backgammon to us Yanks) with Mane's father Aram, Nune's husband Ara, and Maria.

Three types of homemade mooraba (sweet preserves - like jam, but a lot more syrupy), from left to right: walnut, yellow cherry, and blackcurrant.

One last toast for a happy new year...kenats!


Kris said...

Thanks for the feedback on my blog. I've been trying to get a link to my profile up because I don't know what happened to it, but still no success.
I really like your blog. Your family seems so interesting and exotic. Hope all is well.

Kris said...

O and I do have a profile now! Just thought i'd let you know.