11 November 2009

These Boots Are Made for Walking (...or are they?)


It may seem like a strange topic, but believe me, boots are an important part of Yerevanian culture. I'm not talking about snow boots, construction boots, or hiking boots (all of which should have a place in everyday life here, but inexplicably don't). The kind of boots I'm refering to are these:

Sexy, black leather, knee-high, spike-heeled, fashion boots.

Once October rolls around, THE BOOTS begin to appear on the streets, in shop windows, and on the feet of fashion-forward Armenian women everywhere. In many cases, you can actually hear them coming long before you see them!

In many parts of the U.S., particularly in Florida and other states that don't experience 'real' winters, any girl who wears boots like these would probably be [mis]taken for...ahem...a Lady of the Night. Here however, it seems for virtually all women aged 18-40, they are a necessity.

Are they inspired by Julia Roberts?

Lynda Carter?

One of the many reincarnations of Catwoman?

...Who knows? In any case, here's my photo tribute - or rather, triboot - to this fabulous, forever-iconic footwear!

Yes, this is normal grocery shopping attire!

This one's starting young.

Of course, they're not always black, nor do they always have such high heels. There are many variations in color, material, and overall design...

Hey, these really are Wonder Woman's boots!

Hey, I'm not judging. Don't believe me? Scroll up and take another look at the first picture in this entry -- those are mine! (Don't worry, they're not real leather...and they're lined with faux fur to keep my legs toasty warm all winter!)

Now, if you think this post about Armenian women's footwear is interesting, just wait until I write about the men's shoes! Thanks for reading... hajo!


Melissa said...

I've actually seen a lot of that here too in SF. Generally speaking, the boots are never as shiny or pointy as the ones in your pictures, but wearing boots over jeans seems to be in this year, worldwide. I actually see a bit of fashion-meets-horseback riding thing, myself. (People who ride horses tend to have money to spend, ergo...)

I really like your boots, though! Where did you get them?

Jarred, Angela, and Nathan said...

I could believe that about SF. But it would definitely never happen in FL. I do love equestrian-inspired fashion.

Oh, I got 'em here, at some nameless little shop in the Hayastan building up Kievyan...same with last year's boots.

Mercedes said...

I imagine your article being in Vogue or Style magazine, or a video feature by Jeanne Moos(I can already hear her narration). Love the topic, fun, lighthearted, slice of life in Armenia, great pics.

My compliments - boots look great on you, and nicely written piece! I have an inkling of the upcoming men's shoes - can't wait! LOL..
LOVE you, Mom xoxo

Jarred, Angela, and Nathan said...

Ha, Jeanne Moos...I can hear it, too.


Natalie Cutting said...

Angela ~

You have such a gift and always have! Nice boots and believe it or not I see them up here in upstate New York in the Adirondacks... some choose to venture out in them even when there's tons of snow on the ground! You definitely see them in the Fall! I tried on a pair once in the store, but never bought them. I was told I looked good in them, but you probably couldn't imagine me with a pair... hahaha!!! Who knows maybe I'll shock everyone and myself and get a pair sometime! Your article makes it kind of tempting! :)

Jarred, Angela, and Nathan said...

Natalie, my gosh! I know you and Jarred found each other on FaceBook, but it is really nice to hear from you. You're right - the only shoes I can picture you in are Adidas soccer cleats. =) I say go for the boots if you want...especially if they're not uncommon in your region, then why not? Thanks for reading/commenting...please keep in touch. Merry Christmas to you and your family!

Natalie Cutting said...

Hahaha! Even though I'm the same Natalie I have changed in a number of ways! One thing remains... I will still only wear a dress if I absolutely have to. LOL! Seriously though, I know it's been like forever and we definitely need to keep in touch! Do you have just a regular email account? Oh and I loved the video of Nathan saying "I've never seen that before!" So cute! I love being a mom as I'm sure you do as well!

Merry Christmas to you and your family too!