11 September 2009

From the city Opera House to the school's Open House

Last Friday night we attended a concert by the Shoghaken Folk Ensemble at Aram Khatchaturian Concert Hall (the official name of the opera house) downtown. The music was wonderful, but after only a couple of numbers, Nathan began crying "Want to go home!" so of course, we had to leave. I guess we thought he would enjoy the music...we just forgot to consider whether he'd enjoy the sitting still part. At least we got to see the inside of the opera house for the first time...it was very beautiful, with loads of marble and sparkling chandeliers. Amazingly, few other concert-goers were as formally-attired as we were. And I thought Armenians dressed up for everything!
Nathan apparently picking his nose as a sign of protest in front of the opera house after we left.

Later that weekend, Maria and I went shoe shopping at the so-called Bangladesh Market, an enormous shuka in the Malatia-Sebastia district of the city, just a 15-minute bus ride from home. It's a great place to buy all sorts of clothing and accessories at affordable prices, as well as housewares, electronics, and more. There's also a food section where you can buy all your produce and fresh foods. I ended up with a pair of low black heels for work, for which I paid 6000 dram (about U.S. $16); Maria found a stall with fancy sandals on sale for 4000 dram (less than U.S. $11) since it's the end of the season. Afterwards, we went to Republic Square for lunch and to pick up some school supplies at Noyan Tapan book store.

Tip of the iceberg: locals shopping at Bangladesh, a vast flea market-style bazaar.

Maria tries on shoes in one of countless stalls in the shoe section of the market.

Lunch at Pizza di Roma: the pizza's no good...go for the salad bar!


On Thursday, QSIY held its annual Open House event so parents could visit their kids' classrooms to meet the teachers and attend the first PTA meeting of the school year. I handed out copies of my welcome letter and curriculum unit schedule, reminded everyone to sign up for their extra-curricular activites, a little chit-chat here, a little networking there, yadda-yadda-yadda. All went well, and I'm really glad to have the support and involvement of two lovely moms in particular -- one from Argentina, and one from France. I know they'll be there to assist with field trips, class parties, and special events throughout the year. If you recall, I recently posted a couple pictures of Jarred's classroom -- well, former classroom. That's right, he was there a whole 3 days...unfortunately, he had to move back upstairs because he really had too many students for that little room. In any case, it's only fair that I get to show off pictures of my classroom now.

The above photo was actually taken before school started, but the only difference is that now the children's names are above their jacket hooks.


And finally, your Cute Nathan Photo of the Day:



The classroom is very bright & cheerful! I bet the kids love it. Looks like you've done a good job. Understandable that Nathan is not a fan of sitting still for very long; that won't happen for a while yet. Next time just bring him over to Granma Shell's house & I'll babysit!
Love to all, MICHELE

Kevin Albrecht said...

How exciting! I like the red highlights in your hair, Angela. Very stylish.

When you said Republic Square, my eyes lit up. I have been playing SimCity recently and I built a city that is modeled after Yerevan from the postcard you guys sent me. I names the mayor of the city Jarred, one of the schools "Nathan's Private School", and named an area of the city the "Angela Quarter". The city is laid out similarly to Yerevan, with a Republic Square, a ring of parks around downtown, etc. To top it off, I named the city "Vängård", which in Swedish means "Friend Garden". :)

Minay said...

You all look so nice at the steps of the Opera! This reminds me of when I took you, Angela, to your first movie, Disney's Jungle Book. The theater was dark and loud, scary for a little kid. You kept busy with food & drink and a toy. Can't remember if we sat thru it all.

I like the marketplace photo, bargains galore. Keep your bag tight under your arm..like in Manila. Regards to Maria, I like her hair color, suits her well!

Nathan's cute photo of the day...precious!