06 May 2009

Good Family Fun

I have some favorite pictures from April and May to share, so I thought I'd make another big photo post. Remember, you can always see more pictures in our Photobucket albums -- see the links on the right side of this page.

Back in April, QSIY held the school talent show at the State Puppet Theatre downtown. Nathan definitely enjoyed playing in the lobby more than watching the student performances. (What? He didn't enjoy having to sit still without talking for over an hour in a dark theatre?) Well, I enjoyed the show.

Beautiful puppets on display in a glass case.Nathan liked standing in the center of the lobby couches. The other toddler is Emanuel, an Armenian friend visiting from Greece...to clarify, his mother is Armenian; she moved to Greece for school and got a job there, where she met and married her husband, an Australian...so you could say Emanuel is an Armenian-Australian-Greek! One of my students came to the theatre on Rollerblades. Nathan loved that she had wheels on her feet!
Enjoying some coin-operated rides in the lobby.

In full bloom: the tree in our front yard.

Nathan's first "fort" in the living room.
Playing house under the blankets.

On the first of May, we attended a small party at the home of another teacher who is moving to Thailand at the end of this school year. Nathan had a great time playing with the other kids, while the grownups enjoyed dinner, drinks, and a bocce ball tournament in the yard.

Even Batman and the Princesses joined the game for a while.

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