21 May 2009

Dust off your Beach Boys albums...

Summer is definitely approaching here in Yerevan as the weather gets warmer every day. There's no air conditioning in our school building, so we've brought the oscillating fans out of the closet and are putting them to good use. The last day of school is so close we can taste it, and all the students (and teachers) are itching for freedom! Alla is once again hanging our clothes to dry out on the balcony (as opposed to in the second bathroom with the heater on), where the view, by the way, is more lush and green than ever. The roses in our yard are in full bloom, and the snow is melting from all but the highest mountain peaks. Nathan enjoys a sunblock-slathered hour at the playground each morning, followed by a Grand Candy ice cream treat after lunch. Pretty soon, it'll be almost unbearably hot -- thank goodness it's a dry heat.

Jarred wanted to participate in the 2nd annual Lake Sevan Triathalon this summer, but it will be held on July 26th, and we'll be in the States then. Maybe next year. However, I will be taking my students to Lake Sevan for a field trip next week, and I'm excited about that. (You know I'll take plenty of photos!)

In other news, Nathan finally figured out how to say "Mabel" instead of "Mey-mey," and today he made pee-pee in the potty 5 times! Apres!

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