07 April 2009

shopping/new videos

A couple weekends ago, we went to Next to buy Nathan some new clothes and shoes, and Jarred bought a couple shirts for himself, as well. Nathan spent a few minutes coloring at the little table in the kids' department, then he made friends with all the mannequins.

We also stopped into Mothercare to pick up some more baby-proofing supplies. Let me tell you, installing 12 sets of drawer & cabinet locks is no picnic...nor is listening to Nathan's screams of frustration when he wakes up from his nap one day to the awful realization that he no longer has the power to get into the light bulbs-tools-and-batteries drawer, toss all the food storage containers neatly stacked in the cupboard onto the floor, or unroll the entire roll of garbage bags in the cabinet under the kitchen sink.

I've put up several new videos on Our Life in Motion. Most are of Nathan and were taken in March-April, but here's one that Jarred took last week that captures the beautiful, haunting melodies of the Armenian duduk -- an ancient, oboe-like instrument made from the wood of an apricot tree. This performer plays at Garni Temple to take advantage of the acoustics within the temple and, of course, the ambience that one can only experience in such a historic setting.

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