05 February 2009

young love

Last night the PTA held a fundraising event at the school. A few of the high school girls had volunteered to babysit any young children who came with their parents, so Jarred and I could both attend. We put Nathan in the Music room with the other kids and were able to spend a good deal of time talking with the parents and PTA officers without interruption. At one point in the evening, I peeked into the Music room to check on Nathan and saw him sitting on the floor with a little girl who looked to be about 2 years old. She was wearing a lovely, plaid dress and had a red ribbon in her long, blond hair. They were sitting face-to-face, quite still, and looking at one another very seriously. Then they both leaned in and kissed each other on the lips! Too bad I didn't have my camera... =)

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