12 February 2009

My 11 Year Old Class

To finish the chapter on energy transfer, I took what was supposed to be a 3 minute in-class demonstration a little overboard and turned it into a week-long project. My 11 year olds are brilliant and designed a Machine in the style of Rube Goldberg to model transfers of potential energy to kinetic energy. Human enery was a topic in the chapter so they had to include some form of human energy in the middle of the machine.

I slowed some parts down because from beginning to end is only like 25 seconds. Since so much work went into the machine, I slowed some parts down which actually, created a dramtic effect to some stunts. The bottle on the end which touched the scale used to pour into the scale raising it enough to raise the incline and dislodge the baseball but that was a mess! So, pulleys were the backups.
Also, the end, the students were all standing in front of the message and we couldnt see, so we drew open the doors again with no students in the way. Kids!

Check it out! Oh, and there is a string attached to the globe which pulls the first lego down. and there is a string attached to the bag running along a cable in the end. The poor quality makes it so you cant see it.


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