18 February 2009

Inaccurate weather reports! (in case you care)

It has come to our attention that the weather web site to which we've linked on this blog (wunderground.com) does not tend to reflect the weather conditions we experience firsthand here in Yerevan. I'm not sure if this is because their information is based on readings at the airport (well outside the city) or if it's because they're just not a great site. So I'm considering changing the link to a different weather site -- the question is, which one?

There are several sites with Yerevan weather info, and I've narrowed it down to two. Each has its pros and cons, though, so I'll leave it to our readers to decide. Please respond to the above poll sometime in the next couple weeks.

Following is some info on the 'candidates.'

Option #1: Meteo-TV.am, a local station. PROS: They provide detailed forecast information for all the Marzes (regions); since they are local, I trust their information will be more accurate; they have weather report videos featuring an attractive woman (that's a pro for some of you, right?). CONS: All temperatures are given in Celsius with no Fahrenheit conversion (for our fellow Yankees); they give forecasts for only the next 24 hours; the woman in the video gives the report only in Armenian.

Option #2: CNN.com/weather for Yerevan. PROS: Nice layout with pretty graphics; extended forecast (10 days); unit conversion option available. CONS: The forecast is for Yerevan only; CNN is not actually the one providing the information (they get it from Accuweather.com, and I have no idea where they take their readings); the satellite map shows southeast Asia -- um, do they know where Armenia is?

Option #3: If you think neither of these sites is the way to go, you can vote to keep wunderground.com as our weather link, even though I'm looking at it now and comparing it to the thermometer on our balcony...wunderground says it's -3C (27F), when it's actually 5C (41F). That's a big difference! Please know if this option wins the most votes, I will still continue looking for a better site.

Finally, option #4: None of the above. (If you choose this option, you have to give me a better suggestion!)

And for those of you thinking, "Wow, what a nerd! Who even cares about this stuff?" A) Yes, I am a nerd, and I'm not ashamed to say it. And B) My intended audience is not only family and friends who might want to check up on us, but also anyone who may have plans to travel to this part of the world for business or pleasure; as there is relatively little information on this country out there (compared to what is available for say, Orlando), I feel it is my duty as the humble webmistress of this blog to provide the most accurate information I possibly can. Besides, if you care so little, why did you bother reading all the way to the end of this post?



Anonymous said...

Have been relying on Weather Underground all along; I like that they show a weeklong forecast; but if that is not the temp where you are, I rather have the short term.
Grandmom Smith has spoken.

Melissa said...

I say you can get used to Celcius. The first one sounds good, although the Armenian-only reporting is probably an issue?

Jarred, Angela, and Nathan said...

Whatever you decide, be sure to vote!