22 January 2009

The Year Flies By

J here, again.

The year is flying by. It is almost the end of January, the snow is melting, and we are already talking about our plans to Florida seriously now. Nathan is growing and learning fast but yet, I cant speak more than 10 good sentences in Armenian.

For this new quintile's ECA, I suggested an afterschool math homework help which the director liked, so I now help motivate kids to do their homework and also to reteach some if they are having trouble. Also, a student has approached me since he knows I have garage band experience and play the drums. He asked if I could help facilitate his friday afternoon musical group cooperation project. He wants to model the style of Sigur Ros. It's kind of melancholic, but I guess its simplicity will be a good place to start. I am excitd, though. This kid is in high school and is trying to make use of some of the extremely talented elementary students. So, I suggested that he take initiative as a leader and establish that leadership in a meeting with the kids to share is vision and layout his plans. I think they could be quite productive with a definite leader. I think with False Impression, we all seemed to be peers and we had no real leadership. That made way for a lot of "noodling", arguing and unproductive jams.

We are trying to organize a party for this weekend. A fellow teacher's husband will be out of town and she will be at home with two kids with whom Nathan loves to play. So I suggested a Movie Night! With that idea in mind, it grew with some additional invitations to an official Kids' Party. There will be two phases. One, downtown at Pinochio in the play room with the slide and ball pit. And phase two will be in the evening with snacks, finger foods, wine and cheese and a Pixar movie. If everyone shows, there will be 8 grown-ups, 6 young kids, and two unborn fetuses and a whole hell of a lot of running around. Of course, as always, pictures will follow.

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