04 January 2009

This morning we found a house centipede in the kitchen sink. I thought I had seen every creepy-crawly household invertebrate known to humankind after living in Florida, but surprisingly, this one was new to me. Here's a picture from Wikipedia:

I put him/her in a glass jar and released him/her outside in the garden. I'm sure that with all the snow, it won't be long before she/he is back inside. Oh, well.


Kevin Albrecht said...

That is crazy. It sounds like a good insect to have around though-- they eat insects and spiders.

Jarred, Angela, and Nathan said...

Yeah, until I read that sometimes they crawl into bed!

By the way, it's not an insect. =)

Kevin Albrecht said...

Ah, that is true. Well, it sounds like a good bug to have around in any case.