28 January 2009

Language updates for all of us

“Words, words, words! I’m so sick of words! I get words all day through, first from him, now from you! Is that all you blighters can dooooo?!” sang Julie Andrews as the newly refined, made-over Eliza Doolittle in Act II of My Fair Lady. Miss Doolittle may have been sick of words, but we sure aren’t!

Nathan surprises us with linguistic gems every day. Today he said “circle” over and over while playing with his shape sorter, and “pee-pee” when I asked him if his diaper was wet. Some other words he’s working on are

•“bawgh” (ball)

•“veet” (feet)

•“pick” (pickles)

•“tootuh” (turtle)

•“mah-nah” (money/coins)

•“boo…k” (book)

•“pah-tah” (potty)

•“atch” (atch-kee, Russian for eyeglasses)

•“oh-tch” (orange – to identify both the color and the fruit)

•“peeg” (pig)

•and “Poko” (Pinocchio).

Jarred has been learning to conjugate verbs in Armenian, and can now speak some basic sentences, such as “I am learning Armenian,” “I want [insert food/object name here],” and “Please wait,” a line we use frequently with taxi drivers.

And as for me, my Russian is coming along slowly, but surely. I can discuss members of my family, name colors, animals, fruits and vegetables, count to 100 (with some errors), and explain my address and directions to our place – again, useful when riding in a cab.

[sigh] Right now we're just relaxing and watching a program on a local TV station with a guy who looks like an Armenian beatnik commenting on black & white footage of the Dave Brubeck Quartet performing. Jazz music is quite popular around here. A couple weekends ago, Jarred and a friend went out to a bar and caught an excellent performance by some well-known Armenian jazz musicians. I kinda wish I could have gone, too, but they were out until almost 4 a.m. and obviously, someone had to stay home with Nathan! Maybe next time...

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