15 January 2009


J Here.

Nathan can read! Well, it is just simple phonetic awareness but isn't that the fundamentals of reading? He brings to me every night his ABC book and we look at the pictures and sound out the beginning of each word by its first letter sound. I spend more time on the first 3, A, B and C. Tonight, I pointed at the letter A and he said Aaa like the A in ax. I turned the page and covered all but the letter B and pointed and he said Bh. Next, I turned the page and showed him C. He said Kh. I was so impressed he remembered what the letters look like and sounded them out by their phonetic name like we read them. So, I tried to mix it up and I started with C..."Kh"...A..."Aaa"...B..."Bh". He read out loud CAB. It was like a kid in my class who can't pronounce a word and I say "Sound it out" "Kh...Aaa...Bh." Sure, he may not know what CAB is, but he knows what a TAXI is for sure when he points outside and says "Beep Beep!" I dont care what you say, Phonetic Awareness is stage 1 of reading. Officially, he read his first word at 9pm-ish on January 15, 2009.

On a separate note, I lost 2 students over break. I now have a total of 6 students in class, 4 10-year-olds and 2 11-year-olds. While that sounds nice, it is still tough teaching two classes simultaneously. It is projected that next year, we will not have the minimum of 5 students in one of the two grade levels which means I have been reappointed to teach the same two grade levels again next year. At least they think I do well enough to keep me around another year with two grade levels.

I was supposed to accompany a few other teachers to go up the mountain to try my legs at snow skiing. Plans fell though, unfortunately, so maybe next time. I was excited about that! They make fun of me because I add the qualifier "Snow" before "skiing." Only someone from Florida would do that!

Till later...

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Anonymous said...

Nathan must be taking after you & Uncle Ryan; you were both early readers. You both knew your abc's and colors at a very early age. YIPPEEE FOR NATHAN!!