02 December 2008

small spending

A neat thing about grocery shopping here is that stores don’t follow the “Not labeled for individual sale” rule. For example, if you only want 1 yogurt from the 6-pack, it’s no problem. Just break it off and bring it to the register. This is especially true of large items that would normally be too expensive for most Armenians to purchase on their meager salaries (I’ve heard that a person working a typical minimum wage-type job in Yerevan earns about 1000 AMD – less than U.S. $4 – per day). So instead of having to buy the mega-pack of Pampers for 7000 AMD (nearly U.S. $23), just tear open the bag and buy a few diapers individually for 100 dram each (only 30 cents)! Instead of paying 18000 dram ($60!!!) for an entire 15-kg bag of Purina dog food, just ask the store clerk to scoop some into a plastic bag and weigh it, and you’ll pay 1200 dram/kilo (about $1.79/lb).

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Tita Detsi said...

Same for some items in Safeway (butter or break the 1 doz egg carton in half) but not Pampers where you rip the bag open!! In Manila you can buy cigarettes on the street corner a stick at a time! This is typical of medicine in Manila: People who cant afford it, will buy 1-2 tablets at a time.