25 December 2008


When we brought Nathan out to the living room this morning, it took him a minute to notice all the presents under the tree. He seemed somewhat confused about the whole situation -- in fact, he immediately headed for his regular books and toys. We sat him down and gave him his Christmas stocking, and helped him open his first gift: a little toy airplane. He was really happy to have it, but after a couple minutes of flying it around, he said "Ba, ba," (translation: "Put it back") and placed it in the stocking again. So it took us a while to show him that there were other things in the stocking, and even more under the tree. I guess we could have just gotten him the airplane and he would have been satisfied, not knowing yet how Christmas really works for kids.

Although we didn't get the white Christmas we had hoped for, it turned out to be a beautiful day just the same...sunny, cold, and clear. So after our brunch, we got dressed and headed up to Victory Park to enjoy the view.

Armenians celebrate Christmas on January 6, so for everyone else, it was business as usual today...and a good thing, too, since Jarred decided at the last minute we needed green beans with our dinner and had to run to the supermarket this afternoon.

And now it's time to snuggle up for hot chocolate, Christmas cookies, pumpkin pie, Jarred's version of his mom's "fudgy-scotch squares," and a movie...and probably a stomach ache in the morning! Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!

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