26 November 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

Thought I'd post an update before I left work today since it's been a while...

Nathan continues to develop well. He now spends most of his days running wildly around the apartment, dancing to Russian children’s songs, jumping on the bed, and alternately playing with and throwing his books and toys. He understands a great deal of our adult conversations, and his vocabulary (both verbal and ASL) increases daily. His latest word and sign are, respectively, “butter” and “please” – huzzah for good manners! In addition, Nathan can point to any body part you name, including what we affectionately refer to as his ‘doodle.’

Since Christmas is approaching, we are deciding what to get for him, and we are pretty settled on a rocking horse we saw at a nearby shop, a small electronic keyboard (nothing too fancy, though), and some new clothes, as his vertical growth has been accelerating rapidly – he shot up half an inch in the past 2 weeks alone!

Our school director is hosting a Thanksgiving party at his home this Saturday (we don’t have Thursday off), and it should be a lot of fun. The entire school staff is invited, and since most of the Armenian employees are not familiar with the American traditions, it will probably be quite an experience for them. Then again, there are no cranberries or sweet potatoes here, and the green beans are very different, and the turkey had to be ordered from somewhere special (they’re not commonly available here)…so we’ll see how it goes!

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

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