10 October 2008

Working Out

I have finally begun working out again. There is a gym just down the street from us with an indoor pool. It is nice having a housekeeper because on Mondays and Thursdays she comes to clean the apartment and if we ask her, she can make us an Armenian dinner. I do love to cook, but making dinner is always a good excuse to not go ot the gym. "Oh I had to stay later at work than expected, I still have to make dinner and it is just too late." Now, being able to have dinner prepared when i get home, I just have our driver take me by the gym on our way to drop Angela off at home, and I swim my laps. I am still building my endurance but I swam 1500 meters yesterday. It is hard getting used to the metric lengths. A 25 meter pool is about 6 strokes longer than I am used to. It throws me off when I know exactly how many strokes there are before I flip-turn in a 25 yard pool. But I feel good. Stress levels are reducing. It is amazing how much having money reduces stress. The apartment is clean, dinner is made on days i work out, our driver is on a strict schedule which keeps US on a strict schedule, and we are paying things off. Feels good.

From now on, whenever I post, I will include at the end a breif summary of my wellbeing. I am working out and eatling less junk so I am monitoring my weight.
I am swimming and working on increasing my endurance.
My stress level (1-10) the month before we left was a 12. I sought prescription mellow medicine.
My happiness with life here includes how I think of my career, language acquisition and survival, interactions with locals, apartment, money, comparing with life in US, and family togetherness.

Weight: 195lbs
Swimming: 1500 meters
Stress level (1-10): 4
Satisfaction with life here (1-10): 8

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Lee M. Smith-Jones said...

I am so proud of you if you can go to facebook I have photos posted under Leemarie Jones