05 November 2008

November already...

I just finished putting up all the October photos that I thought were worth sharing. Looking at them makes me realize how many things happened last month! School had to be canceled last Thursday due to some plumbing issues, so Jarred and I took the opportunity to explore a different side of Yerevan: Kond, the oldest surviving neighborhood in the city. It's actually not that old compared with truly ancient sites throughout the country -- only about 200 years -- but the vast majority of buildings in Yerevan are considered modern, as they were built during the Soviet era of the 20th Century. Anyway, I've included my photos of Kond in the October Photobucket album so you can see for yourself.

Now it's November, and the temperature is dropping. Monday it was 6 degrees Celsius (about 42 degrees Farenheit) at 8:30am, and I hear from some that we could expect to see snow in a few short weeks. How exciting! We decided to take advantage of the last of the relatively warm weather this past weekend and went for a picnic with our friends Josh and Hasmik at the ruins of Zvartnots Cathedral, about 14 km west of Yerevan. Nathan got a lot of exercise climbing up and down the steps again and again, and saying the words "up" and "down" over and over, too! He also saw ants for the first time.

My class has a new student -- a Guinea pig named "Poncho." She was originally the pet of the secondary students, but their science teacher says they weren't taking very good care of her, so she needed a new home. Of course, she is welcome with me! At first I thought it was strange that she had a Spanish name, but I soon found out that poncho is an Armenian nickname meaning "chubby." Either way, she's a cutie! I'll have to take a picture of her to include in November's photobucket album.

Just one more thing: Congratulations to the new president-elect, Barack Obama, and all our fellow Americans on the triumph of this historic U.S. election. From what we've seen on CNN International, it seemed the majority of people in the world, except for about 47% of the U.S., was hoping Obama would win, so this is an amazing victory for just about everyone. (And lucky for Armenians, Obama, unlike Bush, has pledged to recognize the 1915 Genocide.) I think this article says it all.


Melissa said...

Ohhhhh he says up and down! ACK! So cute!

Jarred, Angela, and Nathan said...

What's even cuter is when he signs "gorilla" -- he beats his chest with his fists (which is no easy feat for someone with such stubby arms) and says "GO!" in a little monster kind of voice.