29 September 2008

videos in progress

We've been having issues, to say the least, with our digital camcorder. For now, Jarred has been able to put two videos on Our Life in Motion (our YouTube page), and he's working on a few more. Here is some footage of our apartment taken August 5th, the day we arrived in Yerevan.

Check back throughout the week to see more. Remember, there is a permanent link to OLIM on the right side of this page under "SEE ALSO..." so you can watch old videos and check for new ones anytime you want.

I have created a new album of September photos and will continue adding to it tomorrow, since our connection here is so sporadic.

I know many of you have been dying to see video of Nathan walking, and at long last, I have been able to upload one (filmed September 14). Again, please be patient as we put more on our YouTube page.


mandj51698 said...

Thanks for including the tour of the apt; looks like a nice cozy place!
And probably the best thing about it is is that it's all yours!
(I especially love Mabel's little spot).

mandj51698 said...

Looks like he could throw and retrieve that ball all day long! He is sooooo cute! We miss him.