27 July 2008

some blogs about Armenia

We couldn't be more excited about the fact that we are departing for Armenia in one week! We are really looking forward to the challenge of teaching grade-school students in an international setting, as well as the adventure of living abroad. We've been in touch with Marina, a nanny who comes highly recommended, and we can't wait to meet her so we can make all the necessary arrangements for Nathan's care during weekdays.

In all our reading, we came across a few blogs about Armenia that we thought were worth sharing with those who might be interested...

Haulin' Notes --> several detailed posts about Yerevan and the surrounding country by an American tourist who visited Armenia in June 2008

Kazarians In Armenia --> a fun-to-read blog by a family of 5 that moved to Armenia from CA in February 2008

Kyle's Journey in Armenia --> a Peace Corps volunteer in Armenia until Aug 2008

Travel Armenia --> mostly in Russian/Armenian, but lots of great pictures

The Armenia Blog --> a very interesting "blog of all things Armenia!" started in 2006

AND for some really amazing photographs, check out Armenia: the Epic Land.

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Kevin said...

The Armenia Blog is slightly racist against Turks, I noticed. But love some of the photos.