20 June 2008

New photos up

It's mid-June already -- and that means Nathan is now 10 months old! He loves attending Bright Beginnings. He is in the infant room with 3 other babies -- Seth, 10 weeks; Emily, 13 months; and Aden, 12 months. It feels great being able to spend my lunch break with him and knowing I am right there in case anything was to happen to him. Nathan has recently been practicing standing by first holding onto something like the coffee table or his push-toy, then doing a quick "Look, Ma! No hands!" His teachers all believe he will be an early walker...oh, joy. Even a Dad at the mall playground with his kids saw how active Nathan was and said, "Wow! I feel sorry for you, but wow!" LOL.

Anyway, I finally uploaded more recent photos, including pictures of Nathan's first couple days at day care, Ryan and Andrea's brief visit, some cute shots of Nathan with his BFF Chloe in Orlando last weekend, as well as many other miscellaneous shots. This is one of my favorites of the batch:

See them all HERE...and stay tuned for more updates to come.

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Melissa said...

Oh so cute!!! I saw the beach picture too, that little cutie...

Miss you all!