04 May 2008

Weekend Update

For the past few days Nathan has had a mild fever on and off, a runny nose, and has been drooling A LOT. Those were the same symptoms he exhibited just before his first two teeth (lower) came in about a month ago, so it seems very likely that his top two teeth will be making their debut very soon.

Yesterday was our good friend Ben's birthday, so we're spending the weekend in Orlando to hang out with him and his family. Jarred and Ben have been watching the Godfather films (and eating cannoli) since yesterday, and today they are playing golf. Meanwhile, Nathan and I have been having fun with Ben's wife Cynthia and daughter Chloe, who will turn 1 year old later this month. The 4 of us went shopping yesterday, first at the Florida Mall, then at the Premium Outlets in Lake Buena Vista. Nathan got an adorable new pair of shoes from Oshkosh with shoelaces and everything. Now he looks like a real boy!

Jarred and I have been looking for summer work in Spring Hill lately because my daily commute to Tampa is both exhausting and expensive. Even though I work 4 10-hour shifts to cut down on the number of driving days, it means Tue-Fri I spend 13 hours each day away from Jarred and Nathan, and that's just too much for me.

I'm also starting to plan Nathan's birthday pary for early August. It's a lot of fun to think about. We're going to go with an airplane theme...and I already saw the most adorable sweater-vest at Gymboree that had a propellor plane on the front. On second thought, it will probably be too hot for that, so I'll keep on looking.

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