24 May 2008

Bright Beginnings

Last week I accepted a full-time teaching position at Bright Beginnings Preschool (about 10 minutes from here), and gave my 2 weeks notice at the Montessori in Tampa. I am sad to have to leave -- even though I've only been working there since November, I really love the teachers and families of students to whom I've grown so close during the past few months. On the bright side, though, this means that I will no longer be commuting an hour each way and paying $22 in tolls every week. Plus Bright Beginnings has an opening for Nathan in their infant room so he can come with me to work, leaving Jarred free to find a summer job.

Our family pediatrician has been somewhat concerned about Nathan's tiny size (9 months old and still only 14 lbs -- just double his birth weight), so he gave us the go-ahead to "fatten him up." Don't worry, we won't start giving him donuts and french fries! Nathan eats fresh, homemade foods, of course, so we will simply be enriching his vegetables with olive oil and his fruits and cereals with coconut milk and maple syrup. We have also introduced YoBaby yogurt made from whole cow's milk (all other yogurts are low fat) and scrambled eggs. Blood tests have ruled out the possibility of congenital hypothyroidism, so it's most likely just a genetic thing and he'll catch up eventually. Besides, the pediatrician said many babies who were heart patients have some difficulty growing. I'm taking a relatively laid-back attitude towards the whole situation -- it's easy to freak out over little things, especially as a new parent, but honestly, after what we went through during Nathan's first month of life, nothing is too scary.


Kevin said...

Yay, I am so happy that you will be able to bring Nathan to work with you!

Angela said...

Me, too -- but it's not free. If Jarred doesn't find a job quickly I'd rather send Nathan back home with him.