05 April 2008

life is like that

I've been wanting to set up a "family web page" since Nathan was born, and now, nearly 8 months later, it's ready. And that's only because I have a week off work for spring break. At least I've been able to keep up with my photo albums -- that's probably more than most new mothers can say!

It's been kind of rainy here in Tampa the past few days, but sadly, the rain has not brought much relief from the heat we are already experiencing less than 3 weeks into spring. Seriously, it was 84 degrees yesterday. I guess summer's coming early this year.

Nathan got his first two teeth within the past week, and he is finally learning to appreciate books for something besides chewing. Grandma Michele and Grandpa Jack gave him a "touch and feel" book for Easter. It has pictures of farm animals and textured areas with various fabrics that feel like the animals' fur. He loves "petting" each one while Mommy makes the animal sounds!

We'll be spending most of the next week selling some stuff on craigslist, visiting with our parents and friends, and just taking it easy. Maybe Minay and Grandad wouldn't mind babysitting Nathan so Jarred and I can go out to a movie for the first time since last July -- I'm not exaggerating! The funny thing is that I will probably start to miss him when I get in the car to go and see his empty car seat. I love my little Doodle so much...

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